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Washington Avenue Revamp Gets Green Light

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Saul Gross: As chair of the Blue Ribbon Panel for Washington Avenue, I'm happy to report that the Miami Beach City Commission passed the second reading of the Zoning Incentives package for Washington Avenue on Wednesday, October 14th. It is now law.
The Commission passed the Ordinance more or less the way the Blue Ribbon Panel recommended it with these two changes:
1. There was an exception created for the project between 6th-7th & Washington, so they didn’t need a physical separation (at or above 35 feet) in their building which was longer than 200 feet.
2. There was an exception created to allow the Wolfsonian Museum and adjacent lots within 250 feet of it be developed up to 75 feet, even if they have only 100 feet of frontage (versus 200 feet) or more.  Nine (9) folios are affected by this change.
Now that the Zoning Ordinance has been approved, our committee is working on getting the City to approve: 1) a municipal garage site between 9th-13th St., and 2) the innovative installation of  "parklets." (Zyscovich Architects rendering above.)

Here are some details of Zyscovich Architects proposed Parklets Program for Washington Avenue.



Be assured that this major improvement to South Beach's downtown entertainment strip will not only beautify our city but increase your property values.

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